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Model Aircraft and Flying

The world of model flying is an exciting hobby for people of all ages. From light aircraft to large commercial and military jets, there are all sorts of planes available in model form which people all over the world enjoy flying. This website is the ultimate resource for those interested in getting into the world of model flying or learning more about their hobby.

Building Model Aircraft

Of course, one of the most exciting parts of model flying for many hobbyists is building their aircraft. This can be a painstaking process and very complicated for more advanced and larger types of model aircraft. Model building is such a popular hobby because of the attention to detail and skill that is required.

Flying Model Aircraft

Once the model making process is complete, many enthusiasts take the opportunity to fly their creations and even race them against other model aircraft builders. For many enthusiasts, this is the highlight of the sport and turns what would otherwise be a rather solitary hobby into a social pursuit. Hundreds of model aircraft clubs have been established all over the world to allow enthusiasts to get together, swap notes and stories about their hobby and see each other's aircraft. The internet has also been a massive force in developing the model aircraft building community and allowing enthusiasts in many cities to create clubs and come together to share their hobby and experiences with each other.

Flying a model aircraft is of course highly dependent on weather conditions. In stormy or windy weather, it is not worth risking your models, so people tend to have an alternative hobby that they can also enjoy inside, such as reading, crafts, model-building or playing online casino games (read more here) for relaxation and fun.